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Healing is a way of life!

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What is healing flow?

“Take care of yourself!” So easily said, but not always easily done… we all know the importance of eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, getting enough sleep, seeking out nature, etc. So why doesn’t it work?

It seems very obvious, we are busy at work, with family and social life…. Yet we know that when we feel good, we can actually do everything with much more energy and ease?


I am happy to support you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

Here are a few benefits
when you join

Personal touch

I would love to receive your intention for this month!
I will take it with me and I will support and empower you energetically

Extra bonus

Because in abundance only more wants to flow….
Receive a free 4 x restorative healing session a few hours after completing the energetic treatment.

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Current Healing Flows

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How does it work?

All communication about the Healing Flow is through the messaging feature of the Everyone Can Heal – app. Just like this message you are receiving now.

Preferably as soon as possible and no later than 2 hours before the start of the first Healing Flow day, I would like to receive your personal intention for this month. You can send this via the envelope/message function in the Everyone Can Heal app. (Read more about how to make a powerful intention at point 4 below :-)!

The treatments are visible below.

As you can see below, the intention is described from the positive outcome you desire and you say it as if it already is. Always take a moment to feel if this intention is completely right for you. For those participating in the trainings, test it out with your muscle test if you want :-).



Powerful cleansing treatment

On 4 Tuesday afternoons around 14:00h I start the energetic group treatment, you will receive a message about this through the Everyone can heal – app. Each time we will remove as many blockages and inhibiting energy as possible that contribute to making your heart more closed than necessary, experiencing challenges in human connections and not being able to be yourself freely and uninhibitedly.

At that moment you can choose to sit or lie down and relax, but that is not necessary at all, you can also continue your day as you always do. Experience shows that the treatment comes to you when it is right for you. Everyone experiences the treatments differently, that’s totally ok. Know that it is a possibility that you experience physical and / or emotional reactions when you start to cleanse. If you would like to share about this or want help, I would love to hear from you!

When I have started the treatment you will receive another message in which you can read back what we were able to heal that day.



Tuesday evenings

On those 4 Tuesday evenings between 20:00 and 22:00 you will receive from me an extra portion of healing, nourishing and empowering energy. I will send a message through the app again when I start.


Improve impact

Furthermore, if you wish, you can support the effect of the treatments by the following:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Take some more time for rest and reflection if you feel you need it.
  • Repeat your intention regularly. For example every morning and evening. Realize that this is what you want and let insights arise that will help your intention take shape <3.





This is how you describe a powerful intention

Check in with yourself where you would like to see a positive change. This may be within this month’s theme, but may also be something else. It could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. For example, you notice that you have a great need for control. You would like to reduce that. Then an intention could be, for example:

“I trust myself and life and let go of control more and more.”

Sign up and price


Sign up by the Iedereen kan Helen – app select the Healing Flow at 99 euro in the shop and purchase or by directly by clicking on this link HERE.



No later than 12:00pm on that first Tuesday of the month I would love to receive your personal intention for that month, send me a message via the Iedereen kan Helen – app. This can be something within the theme that we are going to heal, but also something else that is very important to you. It may be a physical complaint, but possibly also an emotional, mental or spiritual subject that plays with you. This way you benefit from the group healing and receive personal support for your intention.

With each blockage we clear, your radiant soul comes more and more to the fore. The more space there is for your heart and soul, the easier it is for you to shape your life in a way that does you justice. 

Who am I?

And what are my experiences?

As a partner, mother of two young children and entrepreneur, I know better than anyone what it asks of us to find the balance in life every time and to go through a powerful development. I also see this around me. The will is certainly there! But I often see that personal growth and healing disappear into the background, as soon as other responsibilities call. But why should we choose! And if you are already regularly taking beautiful steps in your life, then this Healing Flow will give you a boost!

From 14 years of experience, the blockages that we all experience in our own way became visible. All these layers may be peeled off so that we can be more and more light and pure ourselves. With these layers we clear all kinds of blockages and inhibiting energy such as unprocessed emotions, mental blockages, beliefs, patterns and programming, harmful energies from outside, entities, karma, cords, curses and much more.

With much love and enthusiasm I share with you this special form of healing, born from my heart for you! When you choose to get the best out of yourself and your life, it is very valuable to regularly consciously shed layers that no longer serve you. Less and less old pains, patterns and loads that still inhibit you… more and more your radiant soul guiding you for a fulfilling life from your heart!

How to participate in the Healing Flow

Are you open to making healing part of your life, so that your essence can flow ever more freely?


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